About Sydney Labour Hire Company

About Us

Sydney Labour Hire Company is a leading provider of casual labour and recruitment services based in Sydney NSW.

This privately owned company has been operational for more than 20 years.

Being in this industry for so long, we have mastered the ability to provide high quality and a reliable pool of casual staff, temp to permanent & Permanent placement to our clients. We recruit staff for all positions from general labourers, skilled personnel &office staff over an extensive range of industries.

Sydney Labour Hire Company gives high priority to customer service. Our aim is to provide staff that not only fit your role but also fit your business culture.

As a company we wish to promote mutual respect between our candidates, clients & internal staff. We focus on matching candidate profiles with the client environment.  All employees are paid promptly on receipt of their signed timesheet.

We have an experienced recruitment team , with over 20 years combined experience.  A dedicated recruiter is assigned to every client as their point of contact . This ensures you deal with the person who perfectly understands your business needs.

I addition, all recruiters are familiar with other recruiters clients so that your recruitment needs can be fulfilled if they are unavailable.

The recruiter assigned to you will assist you in all things including permanent placement roles

For more details, please contact us at info@sydneylabour.au

Why Choose Sydney Labour Hire Company

Sydney Labour Hire Company understands the need for businesses to have access to a reliable and flexible workforce. As specialists in recruiting, we provide the right people at the right time, on short notice.

We are just a call or email  to supplement your daily staff numbers. Drawing on our large database of personnel allows us to meets your needs to maintain maximum productivity in your business. Sydney Labour Hire Company will enable you to have the appropriate staffing levels for all position types at all times.

Sydney Labour Hire Company enable you to cover for emergencies, planned and unplanned employee leave, undertake multiple projects and trial hire employees with a view to take them as a permanent employee.

Sydney Labour Hire Company encompasses all employer responsibilities at an affordable and competitive rate  We not only take care of the worker’s compensation and payroll tax, but also superannuation and administration on-costs. In addition to the time and money we save your business by staff advertisement, recruiting and interviewing, the benefits of hiring us are clear.

Our WH&S Management system helps to support all PCBUs. We also provide a valid Public Liability Policy and Certificate of Currency on request.

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Our labour hiring solutions are extended to clients and candidates from different niche and industries that allow us to match talent with the right opportunity.